What is SQL - SQL Overview 2018

In this chapter you will learn a brief background on how and why SQL came into existence. Gaining knowledge on the history of this computer language will help you understand its importance to most IT professionals who focus on the field of data manipulation. You will also have an idea on how to maximize the potentials of SQL in the ever-changing world of lnfomiation Technology.
SQL Server

What is SQL: Overview

 The current trend in most businesses today is to invest in technology that will gather data in the most ellieient and elTective way. However. gathering information is only the start of the extensive process of data manipulation. Companies. especially multi-national ones. require experts who possess the skills of analyzing. presenting. managing and storing data. In other words. they need to use computer programs that will transform raw company data to useful information. Now. thanks to Structured Query Language. or simply SQL. that brought about such transformation in accessing and manipulating data in a very meaningful way.

SQL History

Pronounced as ear-que-ell or see ’qwl, SQL is a computer language initially invented by an American multinational technology and consulting company known as IBM (lntemational Business Machines Corporation) way back I970s using Dr. E. F. C odd's paper on “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks“ for the prototype design. It was originally called SEQUEL (Stmctured English QUEry Language) that handled queries on the collection and organization of data or simply known as a database. More features were added to the computer software to improve its perfonnanee. like building and managing database security. among others. When IBM researchers learned that there is another company that had the same “Sequel“ trademark, they renamed it to “S-Q-L" (presently expanded as Structured Query Language).

Since it was first released to the public. SQL already had many versions. In I979, Relational Software. Incorporated (which later became the Oracle Corporation) released ORACLE. the first SQL product. Now. as the demand for computers that manage data has increased. the more SQL has become an industry standard in the field of Information Technology. Such formal standard is set and maintained by the International Standards Organization. or simply known as ISO. It was on 1986. based on IBM‘s implementation. that SQL has been recognized as the standard language in database communication. The following year. ISO accepted ANSI SQL as the intcmational standard. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. which is an organization that approves certain standards in various US industries. Many revisions of the standards followed. such as in I992 (SOL-92) and in I999 (SOL-99). The latest one is now called SQL-20l l. which was officially released in December 20| I.

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